I have a VAT number, what do I do?

Bunker Samples uses Gumroad to host libraries and process payments, because they offer by far the best deal to small developers like me, meaning I can keep my prices low and still make a living. Unfortunately the way they currently handle VAT means you have to pay it first, and then it will be refunded to you a few days later. 

Yes, I think this is stupid too, and I have complained to Gumroad about it, but for now, here’s what you need to do: After you purchase, on your receipt there will be a button that says “generate invoice” – click this, and there will be a field where you can fill in your VAT number. After requesting a VAT refund, you will get the money returned to your credit card or PayPal account. 

More info here

Who is behind Bunker Samples?

Bunker Samples is a one man (and two cats) operation. My name is Nicolaj Moeller Nielsen, and I’m a Danish composer/violist and developer. I spend most of the year in Hanoi, Vietnam with my girlfriend who is the co-principal of the newly established Sun Symphony Orchestra in Hanoi, and my summers in Denmark. I used to work out of studio in Copenhagen that was built inside a WW II bomb shelter bunker – I loved that place so much I named my company after it, and it was also where Bunker Strings Vol. 1 was recorded.

As a developer and composer I’m fascinated by the intersection of my old school classical training and modern technology, so I’m not particularly interested in creating virtual copies of real instruments, but rather in creating instruments that come from a real source, but could only exist in the virtual domain, with all the posssibilities that creates.

Do you offer student or custom discounts?

Generally no. I believe that for the quality and originality of my instruments, even my full prices are already very reasonable and well below what other developers charge for similar products, and on top of that I run ocasional sales. Bunker Samples is a one man operation, and I simply don’t have time to accomodate custom discounts – I’d rather focus on creating new instrumenst and keeping everything affordable. 


How do I install a new library?

There is no installation process as such, simply unzip the file and put the library folder where you want. Please don’t move files out of the main folder, this will break the library. You can use Kontakt’s quick load feature to organise your patches, so you don’t have to locate them every time you want to use them.

Where is my serial number?

Sample libraries for the full version of Kontakt don’t require serial numbers. Simply drag the instrument NKI files onto Kontakt’s interface and it will load. 

How do I load a library?

Simply drag the instrument .NKI file onto the interface of Kontakt. 

Why does it say "Demo Mode"?

You have opened the library in Kontakt Player, not the required full version of Kontakt.

Can I add my library to Kontakt's libraries tab?

No, only libraries for Kontakt Player can be added to the libraries tab. However, you can add all libraries (borth Kontakt Player and Kontakt Full) to quick load. This is in many ways more useful, because you can organise all your patches with folders and sub-folders. You could for example keep all your cello patches from different developers in the same folder. To learn more read the Kontakt manual or watch this

What's the difference between Kontakt Player and the full version?

Kontakt Player is a free player version of Kontakt, that doesn’t give you access under the hood, and can’t be used to create your own libraries. Kontakt Player only opens libraries specifically licenced for it and activated with a serial number – all other libraries will only work in demo mode for 15 minutes. 

The full version of Kontakt is exactly like the Player version, but can open ALL Kontakt libraries. Of course, libraries licensed for the Player version still requires a serial number and activation. The full version of Kontakt also let’s you create your own libraries and gives you full access to Kontakt’s edit view. 

Can I register my library with Native Access?

No, only libraries licensed for Kontakt Player can be registered with Native Access.

Are Bunker Samples libraries NKS compatible?

Not yet, but it is something I’m looking into.

How to tell what version of Kontakt you have.

Click the Kontakt logo in the upper left corner. A screen will pop up. If it says “full” under licence type, you have the full version. If not, you have the Player version. 

Why do Bunker Samples libraries require the full version of Kontakt?

It’s a simple matter of economics. Do to licence my libraries for Kontakt Player I have to but serial numbers from Native Instruments prior to release. The price is based on the retail price of the library I want to license and how many serials I buy. The more expensive my libary is and the more serials I buy, the less I have to pay for them. Whatever I do, I will forever be locked into the initial price, so even if my library becomes a hit and sells really well, I still have to pay the same price for my serials – I can’t change pricing tier.

Since I like to develop stuff that’s a bit different and also like to keep my prices low, I don’t sell the thousands of copies that would make it worthwile to license my libraries for the Player version. It’s also a huge upfront cost before I have even had a single sale, so for a small developer with experimental products, it’s a bit of a gamble.