I have a VAT number, what do I do?

Bunker Samples uses Gumroad to host libraries and process payments, because they offer by far the best deal to small developers like me, meaning I can keep my prices low and still make a living. Unfortunately the way they currently handle VAT means you have to pay it first, and then it will be refunded to you a few days later. 

Yes, I think this is stupid too, and I have complained to Gumroad about it, but for now, here’s what you need to do: After you purchase, on your receipt there will be a button that says “generate invoice” – click this, and there will be a field where you can fill in your VAT number. After requesting a VAT refund, you will get the money returned to your credit card or PayPal account. 

More info here

Who is behind Bunker Samples?

Bunker Samples is a one man (and two cats) operation. My name is Nicolaj Moeller Nielsen, and I’m a Danish composer/violist and developer. I spend most of the year in Hanoi, Vietnam with my girlfriend who is the co-principal of the newly established Sun Symphony Orchestra in Hanoi, and my summers in Denmark. I used to work out of studio in Copenhagen that was built inside a WW II bomb shelter bunker – I loved that place so much I named my company after it, and it was also where Bunker Strings Vol. 1 was recorded.

As a developer and composer I’m fascinated by the intersection of my old school classical training and modern technology, so I’m not particularly interested in creating virtual copies of real instruments, but rather in creating instruments that come from a real source, but could only exist in the virtual domain, with all the posssibilities that creates.