Sound on Sound have reviewed Bunker Strings Vol. 1 and 2 and gave it 4 out of 5 stars.

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“With Bunker Strings Nielsen’s aim is not to pursue ultimate realism, but to explore the possibilities of real performances within the virtual domain….All articulations are separately performed by violins, violas, cellos and basses, with well‑programmed ensemble patches providing playable full‑range options throughout. I enjoyed these samples and found them to be an inspiring alternative to conventional string collections — it’s good to know something positive can come out of a bunker!”

Dave Stewart

Sound on Sound

Sample Library Review’s take on Bunker Strings Vol. 1

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“While playing through the samples, the first thought that comes to mind is ‘creativity’; both in how the library was conceived, in addition to how it inspires. There is an inherent ‘rawness’ to the samples that gives the library a sincere human-feel and the eclectic sounds definitely encourage improvisation while exploring new musical ideas… When playing through the different nki’s, it is clear that a lot of editing went in to creating this pioneering library….

…In a business where composers are constantly striving to create and shape their original sound, Bunker Strings Vol. I does just that and absolutely delivers on its promises of a unique, innovative string sample library. A very cool library for any media composer looking to add some distinctive string textures and techniques to their palette!”

Ben Goldman

Sample Library Review

Sample Library Review’s take on Bunker Strings Vol. 2

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“Looking to add flair or something a little bit different to your string writing? Bunker Strings Vol. 2 is an absolute joy to play. Bunker Sample follows up their off-beat, contemporary Bunker Strings Vol. 1 with the second installment with longs and pizzicato playing….

The key point for me is these libraries ooze character and identity and this really can help me set my composing apart from others.For the money, you get a large range of articulations and Bunker Strings Vol 2 comes highly recommended!”

Pete Checkley

Sample Library Review

Mikael Baggström from Professional Composers had this to say about Bunker Strings Vol. 1:

“Bunker Strings is not your ordinary string library. It’s something very niche, very unique, and an instant source of character, tension and energy-building sounds for your music. Excellent for things like tension focused underscores, action-oriented scenes, and even trailer music. All in all, a super cool sound palette to have in your arsenal as a composer!”

Mikael Baggström

Professional Composers

Sample Library Review takes a deep dive into Off-World Vol. 1. Read the full review here.

“When an exciting new sampling maverick goes to town recording a traditional Vietnamese instrument that he plays totally incorrectly, what could go possibly wrong? Not a lot as it turns out, because Bunker Samples have conjured up something weird and very wonderful in the shape of the super bendy sound design library, Off-World Vol. 1.”

Sam Burt

Sample Library Review


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