Bunker Samples make awesome instruments – there’s some strangely cool stuff in that bunker.” 

Simon Franglen, Composer

What happens when you bend the rules?


The mission of Bunker Samples is simple: to create the highest quality, innovative virtual instruments, in order to inspire composers and musicians around the world. The focus is not always on re-creating real instruments in the virtual domain, but rather to explore the power of sampling to create virtual instruments that bend the rules. This is how Bunker Strings was borne: free from the constrains of traditional sampling “realism”, Bunker Strings creates dynamics and texture density changes by seamlessly changing the ensemble size on the fly.




The long awaited follow up to vol. 1 with even more articulations. From ethereal and engaging to dark and gritty sounds, Vol. 2 of the Bunker Strings saga will add even more never before sampled articulations to your palette and engage your listeners.


Elevate your string writing with ultra playable strings textures. From shimmering beauty to scary mayhem, Bunker Strings is sure to inspire you and give your string writing a unique sound. The unique density slider pioneered by Bunker Samples gives you total control over the texture, by literally changing the ensemble size on the fly. The perfect addition to any film, game and TV composers string arsenal.

Recently updated  with new content and features.

Bunker Strings Vol. 1 earned a Best String Virtual Instrument of 2019 nomination by Sample Library Review.


Off-World gives you big and bold sounds, with a single focus: Organically performed pitch bends. Using a unique sound source and processing it through octave generators, distortion and huge reverbs, the result is reminiscent of the sonic world of Bladerunner. Each pitch-bend was carefully performed by hand on a traditional Vietnamse monochord, and mapped in a bespoke Kontakt engine, making it a truly playable instrument, with a distinct human feel. It also comes with all the raw, un-processed samples mapped in the Off-World engine, making it a sound designer’s dream and a secret weapon for media composers.


A hyper realistic reed organ packed full of raw charchater, that can also go to the moon and back. Not only was the sound of each individual stop sampled in great detail, but also all the noises associated with playing the instrument. Add in the comprehensive FX Matrix, and this harmonium becomes an incredibly powerful sound design tool, sure to inspire your writing.


Free with any purchase.

A tuned Vietnamese gong played with a traditional bamboo dish washing brush, perfect for suspense underscore or anytime you need a tonal shaker-type sound ticking along in the background. Not available as a standalone product, but comes free with any paid purchase.