Bunker Samples make awesome instruments – there’s some strangely cool stuff in that bunker.” 

Simon Franglen, Composer

Black Friday 2023

Bunker Samples Black Friday Sale is live, with the lowest prices of the year on answers to questions that no one has asked before: 50% off everything, and an additional 10% off your entire order if you buy more than one product.

Have you ever wondered?

What happens when you put a microphone inside a viola and play really quiet? Well I wondered, and the result is Iremia.

What if you could seamlessly change a string ensembles size with a slider? Bunker Strings is the answer to that.

What would you compose on, if you woke up in 1910? Probably a Harmonium. 

How many different ways can you bend a single string? The Off-World series is a deep dive into that. 


What happens when you bend the rules?


The mission of Bunker Samples is simple: to create the highest quality, innovative virtual instruments, in order to inspire composers and musicians around the world. The focus is not always on re-creating real instruments in the virtual domain, but rather to explore the power of sampling to create virtual instruments that bend the rules. This is how Bunker Strings was borne: free from the constrains of traditional sampling “realism”, Bunker Strings creates dynamics and texture density changes by seamlessly changing the ensemble size on the fly.


Intimate Viola – Iremia

$49 $99 NEW – INTRO SALE

Soft solo viola textures.

Bunker Perc

$24.5 $49

Underground, gritty percussion.

Bunker Strings Vol. 1

$29.5  $59 

Unique, pointilistic string textures.

Bunker Strings Vol. 2

$39.5 $79 

Bowed, evolving string textures and unique shorts.

The Harmonium

$24.5  $49 

Pure 1910 character with 2023 possibilities.

Off-World Vol. 1

$19.5  $39 

The definitive pitch-bend compendium.

Off-World Vol. 2

$29.5  $59 

Pads and textures sourced from a single string

Gongster Loops


Tuned, Vietnamese gong loops

*Only available (free) with any purchase



A special bonus library that comes free with any purchase. Not available as stand-alone product.

A tuned Vietnamese gong played with a traditional bamboo dish washing brush, perfect for suspense underscore or anytime you need a tonal shaker-type sound ticking along in the background. Quarter notes, eights and triplets recorded at 4 different tempos, but will always follow your DAW’s tempo thanks to Kontakt’s time machine algorithm.