Cory Pelizzari took Bunker Strings for a spin in his excellent library spotlight series.

Christopher Siu takes a deep look at all the sounds in Bunker Strings Vol. 1. 


Ben Goldman from Sample Library Review has done a written review of Bunker Strings Vol. 1.

“While playing through the samples, the first thought that comes to mind is ‘creativity’; both in how the library was conceived, in addition to how it inspires. There is an inherent ‘rawness’ to the samples that gives the library a sincere human-feel and the eclectic sounds definitely encourage improvisation while exploring new musical ideas… When playing through the different nki’s, it is clear that a lot of editing went in to creating this pioneering library….

…In a business where composers are constantly striving to create and shape their original sound, Bunker Strings Vol. I does just that and absolutely delivers on its promises of a unique, innovative string sample library. A very cool library for any media composer looking to add some distinctive string textures and techniques to their palette!”

Ben Goldman

Sample Library Review

Mikael Baggström from Professional Composers had this to say about Bunker Strings Vol. 1: 

“Bunker Strings is not your ordinary string library. It’s something very niche, very unique, and an instant source of character, tension and energy-building sounds for your music. Excellent for things like tension focused underscores, action-oriented scenes, and even trailer music. All in all, a super cool sound palette to have in your arsenal as a composer!”

Mikael Baggström

Professional Composers