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Bunker String turns established norms of sampling upside down, to give you full control over an exciting array of unique articulations. A secret weapeon of many media composers, it has been used on the soundtrack of countless shows like “Shadown and Bone”, “The witcher” (Joseph Trapanese) and “Dickinson” (Drum & Lace, Ian Hultquist) to name a few. The second instalment in the series is focused on modern, non-static textures and innovative guitar plectrum shorts and scrapes.

This library pairs really well with Bunker Strings Vol. 1.


Also available in two different bundles with extra savings: Bunker Strings Complete and The Artist Bundle.



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Save more by purchasing Bunker Strings Vol. 1 + 2 and The Harmonium together.

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Bunker Strings Vol. 1 and 2 bundled together at a great price. 


"...I enjoyed these samples and found them to be an inspiring alternative to conventional string collections — it’s good to know something positive can come out of a bunker!"

“The picked pizzicatos in Bunker Strings Volume 2 have ruined the traditional pizzicatos in other sample libraries for me.”
Steven McDonald

TV and Advertising Composer

“I was a big fan of Bunker Strings Vol. 1, so was very excited to get my hands on Vol 2 as soon as I could. I was very enamoured with Vol 1. because the sounds had such character and life. Playing the sounds was immediately evocative which I found very useful for providing inspiring for writing parts and full compositions. I’m very pleased to say that Vol. 2 completely lives up to the reputation of its predecessor. Not only are the sounds interesting, varied and full of expression, but the attention to detail is fantastic. Everything works well and sounds fantastic and I have no doubt that it will be featuring on many of my new recordings. Great work Nicolaj! Can’t wait for Vol. 3.”
Stephen Caulfield

Musician, Composer, Producer, Albums: To The Lighthouse, Circuits, Parkview. Film Soundtracks: From Bedrooms To Billions, The Amiga Years, The Playstation Revolution.

“Bunker Strings Vol. 2 sounds great, it’s easy and natural to program offering fresh articulations that bring a more realistic sound to my music. And for the price, a no-brainer!!”
Arnau Bataller

Composer, The Vault - Rec 4 - A Perfect Day - To Live Twice - Red Bracelets - Summer Camp - The Chosen

“I cannot stress enough how much you will love this unique new volume in the Bunker Strings range. It offers a gorgeous and intimate small string band playing textures that are GOLD for every modern day media composer out there. You may think the libraries you already have (released by your usual suspects) already have you covered. You’re wrong. 😉 This is one of THE best packages out there in this “realm”. It sounds lush. It sounds interesting. It adds texture. It adds grit. Of course, I am also of the opinion everyone should at least also purchase the harmonium, since it is one of the best samples instruments ever – period. And I won’t even mention the incredible value for money that Volume 2 offers, because a price two or three times higher than the actual one would still make this a no-brainer. “
doctoremmet (Temme)

hobbyist composer

“I really love the sounds, the detailed (but very user friendly) GUI and how light the library is for my low spec RAM. Thank you for making this library!”
Andreas Arianto

Composer, producer, Dead Bachelors, Hotel Death Star

“Nice, clean articulations. My favorite feature is the “Density” slider. Great for those tv drama cue builds. Nice job guys!”
Gary Rottger

Composer, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, The People's Court, etc.


introduction to the articulations


Media composer Ty Unwin talks about Bunker Strings on the Sonic Talk video podcast.



Contemporary string textures

Bunker Strings Vol. 2 picks up where Vol. 1 left off, giving you even more cutting-edge, highly playable string textures. Expertly recorded deep underground in an old WWII bomb shelter turned-recording-studio, the sound is detailed, crisp and dry, making it easy to blend Bunker Strings with your existing libraries. Featuring some of Scandinavia’s finest string players and even more articulations than vol. 1, the sounds on offer range from fragile and beautiful to dark and gritty, including super crisp and lively shorts. The sounds in Bunker Strings are both musical and playable in ways that go beyond normal string libraries, and will allow you to create contemporary string scores that engages your listeners and wins you pitches. 

What if you could control ensemble size with a slider?

Bunker Strings represents a new way of thinking about string texture sampling, because it lets you create dynamics and textural changes by literally changing the ensemble size on the fly with the density slider. This technique is only possible through the power of sampling, making this library a true virtual instrument in it’s own right, one that lets you add life and shape to normally static textures. All the longs articulations are available in normal and extra dense versions, allowing you to use the library in anything from a chamber piece to an epic trailer. The combination patches takes this concept a step further, letting you seamlessly morph from one texture into another.

UNDULATING AND Engaging longs

The long articulations in Vol. 2 are designed to add immediate interest to anything you add them to. The achingly beautiful super sul tasto pulses are soft and delicate, but never static. There’s always subtle change in them. The loud octave pulses are huge and powerful, while the tremolo bursts (normale and sul pont) feature a held note underpinning short energetic bursts of tremolo moving from player to player. They will keep your listener engaged, even if you’re just holding a single note. The combination articulations lets you pull off seamless transitions from one sound to another with ease, opening up new creative possibilities.

Plectrum shorts

A defining feature of Jonny Greenwood’s score for There Will Be Blood was his use of guitar plectrums on traditional strings instruments. A sound that hasn’t really been sampled until now. The result is like a pizzicato, but with a lot more bite and clarity. As one beta-tester put it, these shorts will “ruin normal pizzicatos” for you. Also included are long plectrum tremolo and rhythmic non-tonal strums, which will add a unique drive an energy to your music. 

A new way to play

The shorts patches feature a new live articulation switching system developed specifically for Vol. 2, which allows you to create intricate articulation switches on the fly without taking your hands off the keyboard. You have the choice of switching articulations with traditional keyswitches, or use any key or MIDI CC you wish to momentarily switch articulations – you can even use the sustain pedal to switch, so you don’t have to take your hands of the keyboard. The shorts patches also feature the new auto fade mode, which makes the instruments incredibly realistic,  and can also be used creatively to dampen ringing notes.  

Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 – what’s the difference?

In short, while they share the same concept and philosophy, and was recorded in the same way, in the same room, there is no overlap between them in terms of sounds and articulations.

The longs in Vol. 1 are all pointilistic in nature, many short notes coming together to form long notes, and are all non-bowed except for the ricochet tremolo. By contrast, the longs in Vol. 2 are all bowed and more sustained in nature. There is just one pointilistic articulation in Vol. 2: the plectrum tremolo.

The shorts in Vol. 1 can replace any traditional Col Legno when you are looking for more power, while the shorts in Vol. 2 can replace any traditional pizzicato, when you want more clarity and bite. The strummed non-tonal shorts in Vol. 2 are great as a percussive, driving element.


  • Violins (3 to 9 players)
  • Violas (3 to 9 players)
  • Cellos (3 to 9 players)
  • Basses (3 to 9 players)
  • Full Ensemble


  • Plectrum pizz (4 round robins and 3 dynamic layers)
  • Plectrum strum (10 round robins and 2 dynamic layers)
  • Plectrum tremolo
  • Super sul tasto pulses
  • Octave pulses
  • Tremolo bursts normale
  • Tremolo bursts sul pont
  • Sul tasto pulses into octave pulses
  • Sul tasto pulses into plectrum tremolo
  • Sul tasto pulses into bursts normale
  • Bursts normale into bursts sul pont
  • Bursts sul pont into plectrum tremolo


Violin – longs

Violin – shorts

Viola – longs

Viola -shorts

Cello – longs

Cello – shorts

Bass – longs

Bass – shorts

Ensemble – longs

Ensemble – shorts




6147 samples

10,56 GB uncompressed Wav files

5,27 GB lossless compressed size

110 articulations in total

10 instrument patches

Requires the FULL version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.6.6 or later. Will not work in the free “Kontakt Player”.